In today’s world, many Universities & colleges are facing many big challenges of matching skills, aptitude & ability when it comes to assessing their individuals. So, to reduce this gap skill analysis, we are providing an e-assessment platform to identify those skill gap area which can also be better for placement conversion & that platform is TAG Scores.


Are you thinking of any assessment, we will let you know WHY you should choose TAGScores. We are having a content library in which there is a large number of question banks along with question papers whichever type of test you want to give.Also, we are having a standard of measurement of individual’s performance like we do the start point assessment in which we analyse the gap of the individual, midpoint assessment in which we check the improvement and impact of the teaching & endpoint assessment in which we assess the performance of the individual after the courses has been completed to know how useful the teaching was & how much gap has been fulfilled due to this learning.

Private Institutes

Starting from the filtration of applications for admission to the progress report in a 3 to 4-year duration, an educational institution faces the challenge of volume and standardised assessment. Tagscores benefits these institutes by assisting in each of these stages and capture the learning journey of a student. This continuous assessment helps develop an individualised learning program and creates the ideal roadmap for students. We have a web-based e-assessment platform which enables you to analyse the skill gap of the individual and also provide a global benchmarking to the candidates.


Training Centres

Training institutes are preparing students for entrance exams like CAT/ JEE/ MPSC/ UPSE/ Management/ CET/ MBBS can use our system. If you want students should appear for the test which is based on each chapter then you can manage it effectively using our solution. You can define question bank with attributes of each subject/ chapter. Online Exam syllabus can be defined according to chapter and specific tests can be assigned to the students accordingly. Chapterwise tests are useful to prepare for year-end entrance exams. Students can also get to know the progress of each chapter or topic on a regular basis. As you are a training institute and want each student should enrol for a specific series of tests then it is possible to define it in this platform.


TAG Scores is an innovative Skills Assessment, Certification and Benchmarking company. TAG Scores provides a Universal Acceptance Criteria to enable international portability of skills Assessment affects many facets of School education, including student grades, placement, and advancement as well as curriculum, instructional needs, and school funding Need for further or special, assistance school counsellors to determine and understand the nature and cause of students need to understand students achievement develop positive teaching and learning environments Find student's current knowledge, attitudes, and skills about the subject matter.



Online assessment system provides full control to the recruiters over the test creation, distribution, invigilation, evaluation and report generation. Recruiters can easily create and administer a test. The traditional model requires recruiters to create a test paper manually, often something that they are not qualified to do Technical tests.

Apart from enhanced reach, one of the biggest challenges of conducting thousands of test at one go is fulfilled by this system. Imagine all the administrative cost and time you will spend visiting each campus and holding hundreds of tests.

Flexibility to add layers of tests into a single defined assessment. For example, apart from general MCQs and essay type questions, add code snippet evaluator with case study simulator as well as psychometric/personality tests. Under the traditional model, a candidate would be required to appear for each of these tests separately.

Companies can reach out to a large number of colleges previously left unexplored because of resource limitations (time/personnel unavailability). Our system gives flexibility to companies to reach out to international campuses as well.

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